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Teamwork – does it really make the dream work?

We’ve certainly focussed plenty on teams so far this summer – Wales’s football team good, England’s football team, not so good. Leicester City – the David that slew the Premier League Goliaths and delighted us all in the process – good.

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How to Avoid Interfering Conversations


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How to Communicate with Your Team About the Impact of Brexit

How many conversations have you had about Brexit following Thursday’s referendum? Whether work or personal, every conversation I’ve had since has, at some point, got round to this topic and I’m sure you’re no different.

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How to Manage Fear in the Workplace – a Practical Approach

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How to communicate difficult messages with confidence

Few leaders relish sharing difficult messages. 

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[Infographic] 10 steps on the Road to Resilience

The pressures on Senior Leaders in today’s organisations can be draining. We are tasked with managing a wealth of competing priorities at our peer level - plus dedicating time and energy to ensure our staff are handling their increasing workloads effectively.

Resilience has now become a core management skill and this infographic will give you some tips to maintain a high level of resilience throughout the day.

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7 ways to develop your confidence for better conversations

Everyone feels less than 100% confident some of the time and that can have a big negative impact on our conversations.

People who project conversational confidence appear decisive, enthusiastic and in control. This leads other people to trust and respect them which helps to build more confidence, and so the cycle continues. But if you are one of those who struggle to start this cycle of confidence at work, this can lead to feelings of low self-worth.

In workplace conversations, there are a number of tips you can use to engage your audience with more authority. Here are our top tips to having confident conversations:

1. Take up more space

People who are shy or withdrawn tend to take up less physical space. This can make them seem timid, and even childlike, and so people treat them accordingly. If you want to project confidence with your conversational style then consciously take up more space.

Keeping an upright posture when you’re standing or sitting, uncrossing your arms and even spreading your paperwork out more sends the message ‘I’ve a right to be here.’

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How Leaders Can Maintain Their Resilience During Major Change

Are you leading major change right now? I’ll bet you are.

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Are you undermining your team’s resilience?

As well as managing our own resilience, we leaders have a responsibility to create a working environment that facilitates the individuals we lead to build and maintain their resilience too.

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10 things you’ll do this week that are a pointless waste of time and energy

Do you have so much time you don’t know what to do with it?  Do you feel that you have so much energy to spare you could be mistaken for a Duracell battery?

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