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6 Ways to Engage/Disengage Your People

Having been employed in a number of roles in several different sectors over the years, I've naturally come up against a wide range of bosses – the good, the bad and the ugly (some of them all three).

Therefore, as a team member (or 'follower') I have some insight into which traits and behaviours engage or disengage me and my fellow employees from our leaders. Of course these'll be different for everyone, but – needless to say – all of mine involve communication. Here are my personal Top 3 for each category:

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5 Great Female Leaders in Film & TV

A few months ago I wrote a blog entitled 5 Examples of Great Leadership Communication in Film & TV, in which I listed a few of my favourite leaders from movies and television.

My choices happened to be exclusively male, so to redress the situation I promised in that blog to write a future post picking a few personal favourites from the wealth of great female leaders out there on the big and small screens.

So, without further ado:

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5 Examples of Great Leadership Communication in Film & TV

How many busy leaders and managers find the time to frequent their local multiplexes, or spend the weekend working their way through an 18-hour box-set of The Wire?

Perhaps more than you might think. A survey by Inc. magazine resulted in a dramatic (no pun intended) response, with two-thirds of the leaders surveyed responding in passionate support of their particular favourites, from Citizen Kane to Rocky.

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