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The Key to Making Communication Training Stick

 "I used to think of going to comms workshops as a real waste of time. Just something that got in the way."

The manager wasn't joking.

I'd just finished running one such workshop. According to this manager, he had been 'sent' on all sorts of workshops and courses, learning any number of different tools and techniques to improve the way he communicated with his team. He'd even half-heartedly put some of them into practice – for a while.

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The Real Reason Your Managers Can’t Handle Difficult Conversations

Long walks, country air and pubs with roaring fires. It had been a lovely weekend away, staying with an old friend and his wife in the Scottish Borders. By Sunday afternoon, my batteries were recharged.

But then it all went wrong. The couple, who'd been the perfect hosts for two days, had a full-scale row.

The ridiculous thing was, it was all about a houseplant.

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Teamwork: Does It Really Make the Dream Work?

We’ve certainly focussed plenty on teams so far this summer.

Wales’s football team – good. England’s football team – not so good. Leicester City, the David that slew the Premier League Goliaths and delighted us all in the process – good.

Although don’t get me started on the lack of teamwork our politicians have displayed over the last few weeks – boy, did they demonstrate how not to do it. Let’s hope things improve after their summer recess!

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[Video] How to Avoid Interfering Conversations

Before you decide how to have a conversation with a colleague, it's important to explore whether you should even be having the conversation at all.

Having conversations that you shouldn't be having can damage relationships – damage that may never be repaired.

This short video explores one type of interaction you should always avoid at work, and provides a simple set of questions that will help you decide whether or not to have any given conversation.

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How to Communicate with Your Team About the Impact of Brexit

How many conversations have you had about Brexit following last Thursday’s referendum?

Whether work or personal, every conversation I’ve had since has, at some point, got round to this topic and I’m sure you’re no different.

It’s inevitable, as we start a new week at work, that Brexit will still be a hot discussion topic in most workplaces across the UK. There’ll be plenty of speculation and catastrophising along the way as we step into what is undoubtedly an uncertain time.

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How to Manage Fear in the Workplace

Fear – it’s one of the certainties in life, along with death and taxes. We see its impact in both organisational and personal life. 

Just last week Mike Ashley hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, when the fear culture at Sports Direct was uncovered. This week, it’s the football hooligans spreading fear throughout Euro 2016 who are in the news.  

And its negative impact is far-reaching. Fear has a cascade effect – it doesn’t just impact those directly involved. Take a look at the current situation at Euro 2016 to see this. Football hooligans clash; fans not involved end up afraid, some coming home early, others are left wondering whether of not to travel after all.

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How to Communicate Difficult Messages with Confidence

Few leaders relish sharing difficult messages. 

Fears about what to say, how to deal with other people's responses, and concern for the individuals impacted, can knock even an experienced leader's confidence.

But business is not always plain sailing, and communicating tough messages is an inevitable part of being a leader in any organisation.

At CommsMasters, we've helped empower leaders across many types of industries to handle these conversations well, and given them the tools they need to succeed.

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[Infographic] 10 Steps on the Road to Resilience

The pressures on senior leaders in today’s organisations can be draining.

You're tasked with managing a wealth of competing priorities at your peer level – plus dedicating time and energy to ensure your staff are handling their increasing workloads effectively.

Resilience has now become a core management attribute and this infographic will give you some tips to maintain a high level of resilience throughout the day.

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7 Ways to Develop Your Confidence for Better Conversations

Everyone feels less than 100% confident some of the time and that can have a big negative impact on our conversations.

People who project conversational confidence appear decisive, enthusiastic and in control. This leads other people to trust and respect them which helps to build more confidence, and so the cycle continues. But if you are one of those who struggle to start this cycle of confidence at work, this can lead to feelings of low self-worth.

In workplace conversations, there are a number of tips you can use to engage your audience with more authority. Here are our top tips for having confident conversations.

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How Leaders Can Maintain Their Resilience During Major Change

Are you leading major change right now? I’ll bet you are.

The mantra ‘if you aren’t going forwards, you’re going backwards’ is familiar to leaders around the globe, and it’s a rare individual that isn’t responding.

And yet, even as you start out with the change, you know the odds are already stacked against you. Research suggests up to 70% of all change programmes fail.

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