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5 Ways to Give Feedback Without Impacting Motivation

If ‘feedback is a gift’, how come it’s so often met with a negative reaction by those receiving it?

As a leader you are required to give feedback to your reports – whether it be positive or negative – and despite your best intentions, you too often end up generating fear and anxiety for the other person. 

Why does it seem so hard to give feedback that is welcomed by the recipient?

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5 Reasons Why Coaching is *Not* a Useful Tool for Leaders

I ran my first coaching skills programme for leaders way back in 1992 – more than two decades ago! At that time the concept of managers coaching was a bit 'out there' and I recall the lively debates around whether or not managers should coach their teams, and why.

In the intervening years, coaching has become a burgeoning industry in its own right and managers are nowadays expected to coach peers and bosses as well as direct reports. They’re even encouraged to coach themselves with a bit of self-coaching!

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2 Old-School Feedback Techniques It's Time To Ditch

In helping leaders to become more confident and competent communicators, exploring how to give effective feedback is one of the core areas that we encourage our clients to focus on. And giving clear, succinct and meaningful feedback continues to be one area that even the most experienced leaders struggle with.

When examining this topic, there are two particular techniques that many leaders still use – but that really need to be put out to pasture. The first of these is the Feedback Sandwich (sometimes referred to using a slightly different, rather more scatological, title) and the second is asking a question to get the other person to critique their own performance.

Here's why it's time to stop using the Feedback Sandwich.

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4 Ways To Help Leaders Fall In Love With Performance Reviews

Hands up all you leaders out there who look forward to the annual round of formal performance reviews. And hands up everyone in Human Resources who enjoys the annual game of chase-up-the-leaders-who-haven't-done their-performance-reviews.

No one? Really?

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3 Steps to Resilient Leadership Communication

Resilience is a major prerequisite of personal success, a critical element separating the winners from the also-rans in life and business.

Resilience is also a critical element in successful communication, separating those who get their messages heard and the results they require from those who leave mixed messages, misunderstanding and hurt feelings.

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6 Tips to Quickly Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is the new key to getting more from your people. It is also an untapped resource for most businesses, and one that brings rapid results for relatively little outlay.

Within a matter of weeks, organisations that improve their employee engagement can reap benefits such as increased productivity, reduced staff turnover and boosted profits.

If employee engagement sounds like another fancy term for a costly business system, think again. It is better communication that lies at the heart of engaging people, and talk doesn’t need to cost anything.

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4 Occasions When Line Managers Can Use Coaching to Add Most Value

I recently observed an interaction between a senior line manager and their direct report, also a manager. The latter had asked the senior manager for their opinion about something.

This senior manager had recently completed a coaching programme that naturally had emphasised that the coach should avoid being directive or imposing views. The senior manager had taken this message to heart and decided to apply it.

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