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Bad Communication Habits That Indicate a Team in Trouble

Working in a team can bring out the best and the worst in all of us. Teamworking can be fun, energising and creative; it can also be draining, conflict-ridden and demoralising.

Communication is at the heart of both effective and ineffective teamworking.

Effective teams thrive on authentic, assertive conversations with lots of healthy conflict. Ineffective teams leave conflicts to fester, allow back-biting between team members and have conversations taking place within cliques rather than between all team members.

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A Natural Sense of Self-protection Can Scupper Effective Collaboration

Recently I've been working with another organisation to co-create an exciting new opportunity for leaders to develop their communication skills to an advanced level.

(More about that over the next few weeks – so keep reading if you are a senior leader or business professional and want to polish your skills in communicating with bosses, peers and direct reports.)

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