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How Much Should Companies Spend on Developing Company Culture?

How long is a piece of string? The frustrating truth is that there is no 'one' answer.

The same can be said on how much a company should expect to spend when looking to change their company culture - as much as it takes.

In the past, I've worked on developing and improving company cultures for many different types of organisations (all with very different budgets), and I know it can be tough going - but hang in there.

Below, I've put together some important points to consider when planning how much to invest in developing your company's culture.

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5 Steps Engineering HR Directors Must Take to Consolidate Company Cultures


Are you an HR Director with a lead role in consolidating a new corporate culture following merger or acquisition in your engineering business?

Consolidating two separate cultures into one is as important in enabling the success of the new organisation as aligning IT systems, financial processes or senior leadership teams.

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How HR Directors Can Convince Leaders the Culture Must Change

What if you could wave a magic wand and instantly convince leaders in your organisation that culture change needs to happen?  What if they'd take this on board as their responsibility rather than leaving it up to HR?

Imagine how good it would be if leaders across the business were queueing at your desk to share the latest progress with culture change. Or if your phone was ringing off the hook with leaders seeking your opinion on ways to progress to the next exciting goal.

Chances are your experience of finding leaders who engage this enthusiastically with culture change has a lot in common with finding a needle in a haystack.

So, I'm afraid I'm going to bring you back to reality – that way I can share with you four fail-safe actions to really grab leaders’ attention and get them convinced the culture must change, and that it's their job to lead it.  Implementing one of these will help to get things moving – implementing all four is nearly as good as that magic wand.

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Establishing A New Culture in An Engineering Firm - A Step-by-step Guide

HR Directors find changing any organisation's culture a tough challenge.  Engineering organisations are no exception and they bring specific challenges of their own.

Culture can seem a nebulous concept and changing it  too ephemeral for the pragmatic, solution-focussed individuals attracted to engineering as a career.

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6 Ways Engineering Firms Can Assess Their Culture’s Effect on Performance

Want to be an innovative, problem-solving engineering firm with significant top and bottom-line growth?

If you do, you need to get your organisational culture right.The link between organisational culture and company performance has been proven time after time.

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5 Measures of a Good Engineering Organisation’s Culture


As an HR Director in the engineering sector, do you find that culture change is one of your objectives?  I'd guess that it's somewhere on your agenda.

But just how do you know what kind of changes you need to make?  What if your existing culture is already pretty good, and you just don't know it?  What are the measures of a good engineering culture?

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5 Overlooked Ways to Change Your Company's Culture

Are you an HR Director who's embarking on culture change in your organisation? Or maybe you've been leading culture change for a while and have hit that inevitable brick wall with energy and motivation flagging?

Either way, I'm going to share with you five keys to successfully changing culture that will help you get off to a flying start and will get you moving again when the brick wall seems insurmountable.

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HR Directors: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Changing an Engineering Company's Culture

How many HR Directors does it take to change an engineering company's culture?

I don't have a punchline for that one. But if you are an HR Director taking the lead in changing your engineering organisation's culture, then you will know that this task requires more than one person to get things moving.  And the effort involved certainly doesn't feel like a joke.

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Cultural Change: How to Engage Employees in the Engineering Industry

Does it ever feel like you're constantly striving to engage employees in cultural change, but not always hitting the mark?

As an HR Director working in a progressive engineering company, I wouldn't be surprised if one of your key objectives is to engage employees across your organisation in one kind of cultural change or another.

I find that the three most frequent changes relate to introducing 'lean' ways of working, embedding a coaching culture and/or increasing safe working practices.

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