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5 Warning Signs Your Workforce is Disengaged

What are the early warning indicators that employees in your organisation are disengaged?

As a chief exec or HR leader, you probably don't want to wait until absence and sickness rates become a problem or staff turnover increases. It takes a long time for such obvious signs to manifest. For example, research shows that 50% of disengaged workers don't actually leave their organisation.

While you may feel you can rely on the results of your employee engagement survey, there's a good chance that the picture it paints isn't an accurate reflection of what's really happening.

So, what can you do if you want to know if employees are disengaged before talented people finally head for the door?

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5 Ways Engineering Chief Execs can get Managers Interested in Employee Engagement

Are you a Chief Executive who's struggling to get engineering managers excited about the business potential employee engagement brings? Does it feel like you're facing a lonely struggle to get things moving, with maybe just your HR team for company?

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Who Is Responsible for Employee Engagement in Engineering Firms?

Are you a Chief Executive or HR Director struggling to increase employee engagement in your organisation?

Are you wondering who's really responsible for employee engagement in your engineering firm? I'm sure you're already familiar with the answer 'everybody'. While this is ultimately true, it's far too glib to be meaningful.

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6 Ways Engineering Organisations Can Measure Employee Engagement

Maybe you're wondering whether or not you have an engaged workforce. Maybe you're already on the path to increasing employee engagement and your efforts are working.

Whether you're a Chief Executive, a senior leader or an HR Director, it's certainly wise to have employee engagement high on your agenda because it brings substantial business benefits.

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Chief Execs: Is Your Engineering Firm Taking These Employee Engagement Risks?

Are you so busy looking at ways to increase employee engagement that you're missing the causes of disengagement amongst engineers in your organisation?

If you are, you aren't alone! As human beings, we're hard-wired to exclude important matters as soon as we focus on something else.

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4 Sure-Fire Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

What can you, as a senior leader, do to increase employee engagement in your business?

If you're anything like the chief executives, directors and senior leaders I meet on a daily basis, this question is high on your agenda. And rightly so, because employee engagement – or its absence – is having a massive impact on your organisation's success.

So, what can you do to engage your people? Here are four sure-fire methods that any senior leader can implement.

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5 Benefits Chief Execs Can Expect from Employee Engagement in Engineering Firms

Should you invest in improving employee engagement? What's in it for your organisation?  What will it cost you to improve it?   And, most importantly, what will it cost you NOT to do so?

This is a conversation I have with many Chief Executives in the engineering sector.

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3 Reasons Employee Engagement Matters In Your Engineering Organisation

What do BAE Systems, Toyota and Babcock Marine have in common?  Well, apart from being in broadly related sectors,  all three are noted for having high employee engagement.

They're not alone in seeking to increase their business success through engaging their employees.  This is one of the most common challenges that Chief Executives in the engineering sector ask for our help in tackling.

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Death, Taxes... and Fear

In my previous blog I proposed that, in addition to death and taxes there is, in fact, one other certainty in life – and that is we all feel fear on a regular basis.

And I believe that fear in the workplace is not only time-consuming and costly but that it creates blockages in communication, stifles innovation and gets in the way of business progress.

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If it's Tuesday it must be time to engage the team...

Senior leaders have to paint a compelling vision for the future while pragmatically establishing the steps to get there.

Customer Service teams must give customers personalised care and attention while still hitting strict call-time targets.

Managers are expected to be tough decision-makers and also collaborative explorers.

Head versus heart, masculine versus feminine, soft versus hard – getting the balance right between each is critical to business success.

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