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Death and Taxes Aren't the Only Certainties in Life

I disagree with the old adage that the only certainties in life are death and taxes.

There is a third – and that is that we will all feel fear on a regular basis.

It's a major part of being human.

Cialdini's research shows that we are more driven by fear (of loss) than we are by desire (for gain).

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How Great Leadership Communication Gets Results

The primary purpose of leadership in business is to inspire, engage and motivate people to achieve results.

When people are inspired, engaged and motivated, they give their best. They move beyond obligatory effort to discretionary effort, innovation and creativity increase, and performance builds.

This improves leaders' performance too – they can focus on the right things, with far less time spent resolving energy-draining conflicts and managing pointless politics. Business results rocket.

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4 Questions that Lead to Contract-Winning Presentations

When surveys ask top chief executives the three secrets of contract-winning presentations the answer is “preparation, preparation, preparation”.

To do this well does not mean identifying the role of colleagues as you converse across car roofs in the potential client’s car park. Nor does it mean, “We've got 20 minutes; that’ll be 60 slides”.

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Getting to 'Yes'

When you want your boss, or colleague, or customer to say 'Yes' to one of your great ideas and instead you get the answer 'No' – how do you respond?

Chances are you do one of two things: you either push your point more strongly or you back off. And neither of these gets the results you need.

Pushing the same point annoys the other person and makes you look like an idiot as they refuse your request again; backing off leaves you frustrated at the lack of progress and feeling bad into the bargain.

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When Can Negative Communication Be Positive?

Influencing the people we work with to do things our way is one of the biggest challenges we face in business.

Getting your boss, peers, clients or suppliers to buy into your ideas can be critical to success.

But most people we want to influence have their own priorities and ways of doing things, with no desire to change if they don’t have to.

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