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How to... Engage in (Healthy) Organisational Politics

Let’s make one thing clear.

If you ever say “I don’t play politics” and truly believe this statement, you are deluding yourself. How can I be so certain? Because good leaders engage in ‘healthy’ politics every day at work.

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Is Broadcasting About Ourselves More Productive Than Engaging With Others?

I was at a networking event recently; something I rarely do, as the idea of getting together purely to meet other people – rather than to work on or explore something that is a shared interest – still makes me wary.

One of the reasons for that wariness is that so many networking events are all about broadcasting to others information about ourselves – whether they want to hear it or not.

This is the absolute antithesis of what I believe about effective communication and how to build good relationships, i.e. that engaging with others is more important and more productive for everyone involved.

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