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How to Motivate Your Employees to Change

"People know the truth — that they're literally risking their lives. But we still can't get them to change their behaviours..."

Health & Safety doesn't always get the best press, even when it really is a matter of life and death. Like at this company, involved in heavy industry, where I was talking to the Head of HR. She was exasperated because crucial new safety measures were being ignored.

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How to Reduce Resistance to Change

"But it's not the same as the old place, is it? There just isn't the same atmosphere."

An engineering company that I know had just moved to impressive new offices, far more spacious and stylish than the old ones.

But people were complaining constantly and the employee who made the comment above certainly wasn't alone.

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Is 'Everyday Performance Management' the Future?

"You'd better make this investment worth our while. You're asking us to give up the equivalent of five years of our senior leaders' time to learn how to have better performance conversations. That's a big ask."

I'm not sure I've ever met anyone as sceptical as this director of an engineering firm I worked with a couple of years ago. And I certainly left that particular Board meeting with his words ringing loudly in my ears.

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10 Things You’ll Do This Week that are a Pointless Waste of Time and Energy

Do you have so much time you don’t know what to do with it? Do you feel that you have so much energy to spare you could be mistaken for a Duracell battery?

If you’re the same as most business leaders, chances are your answer to both questions is "NO!"

And yet this week, you’ll waste time and energy doing things that are a pointless waste of time and energy – and, in some cases, downright dangerous too.

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5 Ways to Identify Unhealthy Thinking

How can you be more effective without simply spending more and more time at the coalface?

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3 Reasons to Talk About Annual Performance Ratings and Pay Rises at the Start of the Performance Review

What are the top points that your team members want to hear about when they come along to their Annual Performance Review (APR)?  They want to hear what annual performance rating you currently have in mind to give them and, if that impacts their salary, they want to know by how much.

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The 8 Burning Questions Engineering Managers Have About Managing Underperformance

You're a good HR Director – right?  You know the questions about managing performance that managers in your engineering organisation need answered – right?  You've already provided the answers they need to these questions – right?

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HR Directors: 3 Ways Engineering Managers Can Improve Performance Conversations

What's in a good conversation? The ability to judge this doesn't always come naturally, especially when you're 'in the moment' and dealing with tricky subjects such as performance.

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Why Managers Are Getting Performance Conversations All Wrong

It's got to be the fundamental part of every manager's job: to drive up the performance of the people who report to them.

Yet it is frightening how many managers treat this critical element of their role in a cavalier way, believing that the day-to-day, in-the-moment conversations they have with their direct reports are sufficient.

They aren't.

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3 Important Steps to Encourage Leaders to Tackle Fear

If you recognise that fear is undermining performance and productivity in your organisation, you are not alone.

In our recent survey, 49 per cent of respondents said that fear is having a significantly or excessively adverse impact on performance and productivity in their organisations.

Your challenge is how to get other people to buy in to doing something about it. In this blog post, I'm going to outline what you can do to get the right people focussed on reducing fear in your organisation.

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