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HR Directors: 5 Benefits of Monthly Performance Reviews for Engineering Managers

Why bother with performance reviews?  Aren't they just a box-ticking exercise?  Aren't they a waste of time?

Experienced HR practitioners are well-versed in the benefits of regular performance reviews. We know they are an essential element in building an engaged, motivated workforce. In fact, it's so blindingly obvious to us that we end up tearing our hair out because the managers in our engineering organisations don't get it.  And they frustrate us further because they end up asking us questions like the ones above.

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3 Ways to Convince Managers to Carry Out Performance Reviews

It’s that dreaded time of year again – performance review time.

Otherwise known as the yearly (or half-yearly) point at which the HR team and line managers do battle.

HR want managers to get all their performance reviews completed on time and to actually have a performance conversation before they fill in any related documentation.

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Is Your Management Style Worthy of a Good Tip?

Uber, the increasingly popular taxi app, is making headlines again due to the fact that, as well as allowing passengers to rate their experience at the hands of each driver, it also allows drivers to rate their passengers.

So, if you take a ride with an Uber driver, you can be rated on things such as size of tip, attitude and clarity of communication (just don't say Melville Street when you mean Melville Place or you may be marked down!).

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How to... Make Communicating with Your Team Easier

Boy oh boy, how did the simple interaction of conversations between leaders and the people they lead get so complicated?

Coaching conversations, performance conversations, mid-year reviews, one-to-ones, feedback – each one with different paperwork to complete and different models to follow.

Are these interactions communication, conversation or dialogue? And what's the difference anyway? No wonder leaders want to busy themselves with tasks and hope the people stuff just goes away!

So, let's make this easier.

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2 Old-School Feedback Techniques It's Time To Ditch

In helping leaders to become more confident and competent communicators, exploring how to give effective feedback is one of the core areas that we encourage our clients to focus on. And giving clear, succinct and meaningful feedback continues to be one area that even the most experienced leaders struggle with.

When examining this topic, there are two particular techniques that many leaders still use – but that really need to be put out to pasture. The first of these is the Feedback Sandwich (sometimes referred to using a slightly different, rather more scatological, title) and the second is asking a question to get the other person to critique their own performance.

Here's why it's time to stop using the Feedback Sandwich.

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10 Questions For Effective Performance Review Conversations

If you are a regular reader of the CommsMasters blog, you'll already know that I have a strong negative reaction to overly-structured, form-focussed performance review processes. Instead, the critical focus should be on the conversation that takes place between the leader and the direct report.

The most effective performance reviews get the direct report talking a lot, with the leader encouraging useful reflection through the questions asked and adding their own feedback and views where these can add value.

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4 Ways To Help Leaders Fall In Love With Performance Reviews

Hands up all you leaders out there who look forward to the annual round of formal performance reviews. And hands up everyone in Human Resources who enjoys the annual game of chase-up-the-leaders-who-haven't-done their-performance-reviews.

No one? Really?

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