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How to Communicate with Your Team About the Impact of Brexit

How many conversations have you had about Brexit following last Thursday’s referendum?

Whether work or personal, every conversation I’ve had since has, at some point, got round to this topic and I’m sure you’re no different.

It’s inevitable, as we start a new week at work, that Brexit will still be a hot discussion topic in most workplaces across the UK. There’ll be plenty of speculation and catastrophising along the way as we step into what is undoubtedly an uncertain time.

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The World's Confusing – it’s Not Just Your Communication!

Watching Charlie Brooker's 2014 Wipe (BBC2) at the end of last year, I enjoyed this short film by Adam Curtis, the controversial documentary filmmaker.

In his film, Curtis suggests that politicians disempower voters by disseminating confusing and contradictory information.

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Sophocles' Message to Modern Leaders

If you, a 21st-century leader, could travel back in time around 2,500 years, and have a chat with Sophocles, he'd share with you a few lessons that are still relevant today.

If your time machine wasn't reliable enough to take you so far, you could stop in much more recent history, catching up with the Quakers in the US of the 1950s.

Or you could just cast your mind back a few years, to the start of the recent economic turmoil, to find the same message.

The lesson? That it takes tremendous courage to speak the truth to people in power.

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Keep Your Head Below the Parapet!

It's that time of year when bright young students head off to university to start their various degrees, bright young graduates enter the workforce to start their various careers, and oldies like me – and Financial Times columnist and author Lucy Kellaway – wonder where the years have gone since we, too, were all bright and shiny.

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Let the Facts Tell the Story

Watching BBC Breakfast yesterday morning, I was amused by a story about the potential for a return to economic insecurity and the slowing of growth across Europe.

UK share prices have fallen by some 10% in the last six weeks.

It wasn't the story in itself that amused me – but rather the attempts by the BBC presenter to sensationalise a rather banal story. It was evidently one of those mornings where news was slow and the Breakfast presenters had to fill the time somehow.

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When Our Egos Get the Better of Us

As is apparent from David Cameron’s indiscreet boasts to Michael Bloomberg, even Prime Ministers need to show off from time to time.

"Look at me, I can balance on one leg... look at me, I've got a bigger (salary) package than you... look at me, I can make the Queen of England purr..."

Look at me, look at me, look at me… notice me, notice me, notice me… admire me, admire me, admire me…

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When Vulnerability Equals Strength

I've never been a fan of Alex Salmond and yet last week, for the first time, I saw a leader I would have considered following.


It’s all down to the resignation speech he made on Friday. In his message, and his delivery of it, I saw his vulnerability.

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